The Val Vény is one of the most beautiful in Valle d’Aosta. A view on Mont-Blanc, the Aiguille Noire du Peuterey, on the peaks of the Dames Anglaises, the Aiguille des Glaciers and on the glaciers of the Brenva and the Miage.

The Val Vény is a wild valley, the departing point for many hikes and excursions in summertime, or for skiing on breathtaking slopes.

The Val Vény overlooks the Mont-Blanc, the Roof of Europe, and the highest peaks in the Alps, besides being the departing point of many excursions and trekking. Not to be missed, the excursion to the Lago Miage, through the woods of the Peuterey, or a hike up to the Col de la Seigne, the border between Italy and France, in the shadow of the Pyramides Calcaires, magnificent calcareous rocks that look like gems set at the top of the glacier of the Miage.

The Val Vény is known also for the Sanctuary of Notre Dame de la Guérison, a place of worship loved and visited both by believers and alpinists.   

The Val Vény is the core of the ski area of Courmayeur: many slopes are on this side which, in wintertime become a playground for all the free riders.